Reading Hypertext

Mark Bernstein and Diane Greco, eds. Publisher: Eastgate

Medium: book
ISBN: ISBN 1-884511-48-1

Table of Contents

1. Into The Weeds (Mark Bernstein)
2. Why Are We Still Talking Like This? (Diane Greco)
3. La Maison Hypertext (Charles A. Perfetti)
4. Piecing Together And Tearing Apart: Finding The Story In Afternoon (Jill Walker)
5. A Cognitive Model (N. J. Lowe)
6. “How Do I Stop This Thing?” Closure And Indeterminacy In Interactive Narratives (J. Yellowlees Douglas)
7. Reconfiguring Writing (George P. Landow)
8. The Lyrical Quality Of Links (Susana Pajares Tosca)
9. A Pragmatics Of Links (Susana Pajares Tosca)
10. Stitching Together Narrative, Sexuality, Self: Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl (George P. Landow)
11. These Waves Of Bugs (Anja Rau)
12. Cinematic Paradigms For Hypertext (Adrian Miles)
13. Nonce Upon Some Times: Rereading Hypertext Fiction (Michael Joyce)
14. Returning In Twilight: Joyce’s Twilight, A Symphony (Dave Ciccoricco)
15. Hypertext Structure Under Pressure (David Kolb)
16. Reading Spatial Hypertext (Catherine C. Marshall)
l17. Hypertext Teaching (Adrian Miles)
18. Hypertext With Consequences: Recovering A Politics Of Hypertext (Diane Greco)
19. What The Geeks Know: Hypertext And The Problem Of Literacy (Stuart Moulthrop)