Hypertext Compendia

In recent years, hypertext compendia have served as an efficient means to archive historical documents, essays, photos, songs, and other forms of media. Creating a compendium in hypertext form allows users to understand relationships between documents, texts, and interdisciplinary media though its linking structures. Many hypertext compendia are peer-reviewed and edited by leading scholars, allowing for growing sources of information compiled by the field's experts.


1968: The Whole World Was Watching Website
A & L Tirocchi Dressmakers Project
Bracero History Archive
Critical Infrastructure Protection Oral History Project and Digital Library
Decameron Web
Documenting the American South
Florentine Renaissance Resources: Online Tratte of Office Holders 1282-1532
Forced Migration Online
The Foundling Museum
Freedom Now!
Gazetteer of Sixteenth Century Florence
Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives
Henry III Fine Rolls Project
Herman Melville's Billy Budd: The Hypertext
Hofmeister XIX
Hurricane Digital Memory Bank: Collecting and Preserving Stories of Katrina and Rita
Inscriptions of Aphrodisias
The Keyword Project
LACTOR (London Association of Classical Teachers - Original Records)
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution
The Lost Museum
Mapping Migration in Kastoria, Macedonia
The MonArch Project
Mozilla Digital Memory Bank
New Media Art
Papers of the War Department 1784-1800
Perseus Digital Library
Petrarch Project
Probing the Past: Virginia and Maryland Probate Inventories 1740-1810
Prosopography of the Byzantine World
Relics and Selves: Iconographies of the National in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, 1880-1890
Romanian Love Charms
Rosetti Archive
September 11 Digital Archive
Valley of the Shadow
The Victorian Web
Voyage of the Slave Ship Sally