Cyborg: engineering the body electric

by Diane Greco
Publisher: Eastgate Systems
Medium: Storyspace

A nonfiction discussion of gender and the cyborg image in cyberpunk -- especially the early work of William Gibson.




N. Katherine Hayles reviews Cyborg in Electronic Book Review. "Despite its flaws, Cyborg is an interesting attempt to find a discursive style and articulate an ideology that fits electronic hypertextual writing. Perhaps the best tribute I can pay it is to acknowledge that I cannot imagine it as a print text. Its hybrid form is so completely interwoven with the electronic prostheses through which we encounter it that the cyborg body is the text, and the text is the cyborg body. Which, I take it, is precisely Greco's point."

Susana Pajares Tosca wrote a more generous review of Cyborg in Hypertilua: "Cyborg is a most valuable and deep reflection upon the cybernetical self, society and what all that has to do with us. Diane Greco provides us with useful clues to the way of keeping ourselves awake and paradoxically become more human through the critical use of technology. "